Just a few good resources, tools, and organizations to help us build a more sustainable world:

Some of my Favorite Local Organizations:

SEEDS Community Resolution Center
Northern California Land Trust
Ecology Center
The Cooperative Grocery
Waterside Workshops
East Bay Cohousing
Insight Center for Community Economic Development
Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives
Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC)
Spiral Gardens
People’s Grocery
City Slickers Farms
Village Harvest
Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative
Neighborhood Vegetables

Resources on Cohousing and Intentional Communities:

Cohousing Association (A national directory of cohousing, with detailed information and statistics about each community, and lots of great articles and links).
Intentional Communities (A directory of ecovillages, cohousing, and other intentional communities throughout the U.S. and the world).
Cohousing Partners (Cohousing development and consulting).
North American Students of Cooperation (A good resource on student housing cooperatives).
Federation of Egalitarian Communities (Network of North American egalitarian communities ranging in size from, small agricultural homesteads to village-like communities to urban group houses).
Global Ecovillage Network (Includes a directory of ecovillages all over the world).

Resources on Food and Urban Agriculture:

Local Harvest (Directory of food cooperatives, CSAs, community farms, and much more.)
Food Routes (Resource on buying local food)
Coop Directory Service (Directory of grocery co-ops and buying clubs, plus other helpful info about starting a buying club).
The Power of Community (A wonderful documentary about urban gardening and cooperation in Cuba).
American Community Gardening Association (National directory of community gardens and resources on starting community gardens)
Guerilla Gardening
Revive the Victory Garden

Resources on Cooperatives:

A Legal Sourcebook For California Cooperatives: Start-up & Administration, by Van P. Baldwin (Complete book available online).
In Good Company: A Guide to Cooperative Employee Ownership, published by Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, available online
Grassroots Economic Organizing (Organization promoting an economy based on democratic participation, worker and community ownership, social and economic justice, and ecological sustainability).
• National Cooperative Business Association – www.ncba.coop (Develops and advances the interests of cooperative businesses)
U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives (Advance worker owned, managed, and governed workplaces through cooperative education, advocacy and development).
• International Cooperative Alliance – www.ica.coop (Uniting, representing, and serving cooperatives worldwide).
International Cooperative Alliance Group (Providing employee ownership, business development, and job retention services).
Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives (Contains a helpful list of resources on cooperatives.)
Green Worker Cooperatives (Bronx-based organization serving as an incubator for green worker co-ops)
University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (Contains many helpful resources on cooperatives).

Carsharing Resources:

Bring Car Sharing to Your Community, by City CarShare (Entire handbook available).
Carsharing.net (Contains a list of carsharing programs throughout North America and a library of information on carsharing).
Carsharing.US Blog

Resources on Consensus Decision-making:

On Conflict and Consensus: A Handbook on Formal Consensus Decisionmaking, by C.T. Butler and Amy Rothstein (This whole guidebook is available online).
Seeds for Change (Resources on consensus decision-making).

Communication Workshops:

Powerful Non-Defensive Communication with Sharon Ellison
Nonviolent Communication with Marshall B. Rosenberg

The GoodGuide (Provides information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home).
Oasis Design (Great resource on grey water systems.)
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies